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Exotic Morocco Desert Tour

Country Morocco is well known for its ancient traditions, colorful zoos along with old medinas, landscapes, and yummy gastronomy. Tourist mainly from the USA likes to travel to Morocco for Camel trekking. If you are looking for real experience and wanna highlight your time, then you should go for a camel touring by Tours-Morocco. By visiting, gett the unique idea and authentication about morocco; what exactly is Morocco and why people visit there mostly? The part to see in the country is its desert. If you are looking for a camel ride, you have to visit the desert for it. Morocco desert tour lets you find different activities like camel riding. You can find other activities like sand baths, marocain food lessons, and sandboard in the Merzouga desert. 

Exotic Morocco Dessert Tour

Usual things about places like morocco are you can ride a camel over dunes on the horizon while the sun dramatically shimmers. Morocco seems Arabia type fantasy like history all around you, classic maghrib hospitality, and camps beneath stars. It’s called exotic due to crumbling kasbahs, oases of desert, and the town of Essaouira. 

Exotic Morocco Desert Tour
Desert camel tours morocco

“Are there any good camel rides in Morocco OR Is there any Camel Ride in Morocco that takes additional safety precautions??

  • Well the list is long and keep changing, to get real answer from an expert feel free to contact us “

Nature And Camel Riding In Morocco 

You can celebrate different world views through camel riding, only a few meters from the round. Sporting things like the length of bunches, shadows, and texture of surroundings and even camels parts like back and head immerse you in nature. Whether it’s not normal, through camel riding, you can connect to animals’ most important capture scenarios and make their long-term memory. Although, you can easily pattern on the sand and gawk at sky birds. 

Camels are called ships of deserts; it’s the most crucial creature for hundred years in Morocco. Tourists like to be close and personal with such iconic animals and especially on trips to the Morocco desert. People all around the world plan a Camel tour of Morocco to enjoy a camel trekking experience.

A maximum of 1 hour of Morocco camel tour is sufficient for those who want a short camel ride and are looking to experience the whole Sahara desert in such a short period. Don’t worry about the setup; you can take a guide from someone about the camel trek from your hotel. Your hotel management will take care of your camel ride in the Sahara desert.

Enjoy desert dunes camel ride on a camel trek and desert oases which take a maximum of 1 hour to explore. 

“Is it OK OR ethical to ride a camel in Morocco??

  • Yes, indeed!! As Morocco is the best touring place and all is under the law.”

How Much Is Camel Ride In Morocco: Pricing & Riding 

Anyways, you may find it uncomfortable to ride a camel if you are riding it the first time. You can arm yourself and minimize discomfort in the blasting sands of the Sahara deserts of morocco if you know riding tips and have hosted an animal before. 

However, if you are bulky or chubby and have a weight of over 198 pounds or 90 kgs, then you should avoid riding. Granted, the passenger’s weight influences the animal, and it may be problematic for it to even stand with passenger weight. The combined weight of two passengers should be below 375 pounds or 170 kgs. 

As we know to enjoy or explore anything or even a new thing, you must have to pay. So, camel riding in Morocco is not cheap, but it’s adequate to afford it if you have a permanent job or a good post. Morocco desert trekking day charges up to 175$ or even more sometimes. Some agencies apply rates to double or even triple than actual ones. Moreover, Morocco desert hiking is between 200$ to 100$ per day. 

Morocco Desert Tours Range

You can have a good tour ranges from 729$ to 595$. All the agencies have different packages for camel tours in Morocco. Customize your trips by selecting or choosing agencies that suit your budget and taste or your core requirements and wisdom. 

 Safe tour in Morocco

Before planning your trip, it’s crucial to find out restrictions and guides to remain safe in Morocco, even though the safety of travellers and citizens is always the priority of this country. 

Nowadays, of pandemics, you should avoid contact with things and keep remember to sanitize your hands and cover your nose and mouth with a mask. Try to maintain social distance.


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