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Gateaway to Morocco, a country that is home to ancient cities, vast deserts, epic mountain ranges and more. Morocco fascinates travellers with its diversity and quirky vibe. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for some off-the-beaten-track action as it also in the middle of Europe, Africa and America! For an unforgettable trip through time and across continents; trek on foot through the famous Sahara desert or ride a camel over spectacular dunes; relax in the bustling souks or soak up authentic Moroccan culture from dawn til dusk.

Desert Camel riding bucket list

Gateaway to Morocco, it is a country of ancient cities, vast deserts, epic mountain ranges, and warm welcome. It fascinates travellers with its diversity and unconventional feel. With the Atlas mountains and vibrant dunes, desert camel riding in Morocco is full of wonders.

Riding a camel in Morocco, climbing a golden dune for sunset, and spending a night under the stars in desert camp, are not just iconic but also a memorable experience. Just a few miles away from Algeria, the Sahara desert is located. What a spectacular adventure it is!

Preparing for camel trekking

At Erg Chebbi, you and your group mates will take their belongings in a small bag. Although, there’s not any concept of weight. After this, fit yourself firmly on the back of the camel dur to the bumpy ride and to avoid any injury. All camels of the caravan tie together with a rope to walk in a line. In Morocco, the journey to the Sahara desert is equipped entirely. It’s time to commence with {Tours-Morocco}!

Camel Trekking in the Desert

Riding a camel across the dunes is like riding Alexander Camelton. The whole time of ride, you it feels like your saddle might be slipping off. While plodding on the desert in the noon, you will enjoy giggling and grinning on the unparalleled track.

When you head into the desert, the golden dunes, dazzling rays of sun and remarkable stillness all around gonna be touching and pleasant. Moving around with a caravan let you  discuss the way, the color changing of sand and the hard-soft sand dunes . There you can see  nomads with their culture, food, popularity,and music etc. Climbing a unique golden sand dune let you enjoy the sunset.

A night under the open air with countless stars in desert camp is the best part of Sahara adventure. First, the tourists enjoys veggie tagine (traditional food of Morocco) on a large table having all sort of noise. After dinner, the nomads help to lit up the fire and the musicians sing native songs till the midnight came.

Sunrise in Sahara desert brings the colors of rainbow with it. As the sun appears above the horizon, the dunes changes their colors from brown to pink to orange. This is honestly a bucket list adventure!

What to wear on desert camel ride?

You will be staying for a night or two in desert camp. Therefore, there’s no need of packing plenty of clothes. Here are some of the tips about outfit ideas for desert camel riding:

  • Clothes with zippered pockets, cargo pants would be helpful. They are comfy and have plenty of pockets to put the stuff like sunglasses, phones, caps, food, etc.
  • Leggings will be suitable for Women {girls} as for the cold night
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes of light-linen, cotton shirts, and long sleeves.
  • When the wind blows, the dust irritates the nose and mouth, therefore don’t forget to put on a headscarf.
  • A tight-fitting cap or hat for men
  • Comfortable shoes, wear sneakers or hiking boots. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops
  • A windbreaker or light jacket for a night
  • Gloves, warm socks, fleece, and thermals for children and especially in winter
  • Warm sleeping bags for winter

Essentials for camel riding

What to pack for a night in the desert? As the desert has no shops or electronic facilities, you must pack things according to the guide.

  • If you like taking a lot of photos, carry extra camera batteries with you
  • A flashlight for the night while a headlamp will be better
  • Personal things
  • Individual toiletry kit having toothbrush, toothpaste, mini deodorant, antibacterial hand wipes
  • Basic beauty kit containng facial wipes, small sunscreen, chapstick, moisturizer, wet wipes
  • Any medication like Imodium, paracetamol
  • Sunglasses, headscarf, cap, or hat
  • Sleeping sheet, for summers, pack a satin light and comfy sleeping bags.
  • A power bank or large capacity charger
  • Carry at least 3-4 liters of water with you
  • Zipped plastic bag for trash or used cans
  • Others like alcohol, after meals, tea, coffee, soda

A multi-day desert tour including camel safari, overnight stay, and more importantly a warm hospitality is a bonus package. That’s why camel riding is on the bucket list.




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