Lose Weight on Vacation Morocco

Are you looking to lose weight  while you are in Vacation ? Tours Morocco Offer you the best way to enjoy  the vacation and the same time losing weight  on vacation. 

Lose Weight on Vacation Morocco

lose weight on vacation

I am Talking about my experience  as Moroccan who lived in Morocco for 22 years and move to United states and after 8 years I come back to Morocco because i need to lose Weight.

While the Coronavirus in the world I come the beginning  of March for a tour with my customers and when i was done with tour I can not go back to USA because  of the coronavirus also my family want me to be in Morocco with them, So I had to leave 4 months in Morocco and the weather is very hot in the desert of Morocco.

This 3 months I lose weight because of the heat, Every day I want just drink water and I don’t  have the a petit to eat in the morning or lunch because of the heat so I lost almost 20 Pounds in fist two months, thats why I am recommending  to travel to Morocco in the summer if you want to lose the weight  while you are on vacation. 

If you want just vacation for fun i will recommend  you a trip to the coast of morocco.

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