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sahara desert tour

Through a mystical, exotic, colorful, ancient, and challenging background country, Morocco is full of dreamers, artists, attracted writers, and poets as a magnet for countless visitors.

Overwhelming Medina’s walled of ancient cities, narrow labyrinthine streets, imperial dunes, and remote kasbahs of Atlas mountains also dramatic peaks and oases of Sahara as palm-fringed best sites to see during adventurous  Tours-Morocco. However, the ramparts of Essaouira target are battered and whitewashed; the camel riding, beaches, mosques like Hassan II, Berber carpets and garments, and vibrant spices all are stuffed in the best way as scenery in Morocco tour. You can wander easily through the open streets of Morocco and can shop leather and textiles, which it’s famous for, at favorable prices.

M’Goun Trek At Atlas Mountain

M’goun tree is the valley 100 miles East of Marrakech at the high Atlas. It’s a sculpted valley with a  spine of mountain ranges. It’s 100 meters lower than Jebel Toubkal and is the highest point in Nort Africa, further to the West. This trek considers among Morocco adventure tours by tourists because it takes through the landscapes, one moment on a high ridge and the other in a winding gorge. Hospitality and local North Africa culture is the most enjoyable stuff of the Morocco tour.

Mount Toubkal Trek

Mount Toubkal trek is an excellent trek to learn winter skills at the submit point of Toubkal. People head towards it with 5-6 groups, especially in especially season months, January and February. Traveling to such an area might be dangerous alone in case of windy and snowy area, you may get lost.

Climbing a Toubkal takes 50 mikes towards the south of Marrakech. It’s the point of a short break between Atlas mountain. Mostly you can’t see range from the city due to clouds in the winter season. The winter of northern Europe seems excellent with bright sun, blue skies, and crisp snowy peaks.

If you are looking to climb mountains covered with ice and snow, it requires mountaineering gadgets such as walking and crampons. Mount Toubkal is not a technical peak to hike or climb. It is 4167 meters high. Learn some alpine techniques before the trip is necessary, like how to use axe safely and correctly on snow and crampons too.

Berber Village Tour

Berber trek passes through Atlas mountains and Morocco’s valleys. Each village community functions as a soft heart for guest houses. This trail becomes the core part for many visitors. A trek in Morocco adventure tour requests people to experience Berber lifestyles and help in experiencing High Atlas Mountain scenery through lower altitudes. Such Berber communities evolved the person to live with mountain surroundings.

sahara desert tour
sahara desert tour;ng Explore the most iconic landscapes of Morocco on a safari.

Trekking in Morocco Tour

It counts as a stunning luxury trekking trip to Morocco if it offers accommodations like Kasbah du Toubkal visit and trekking at Mount Toubkal. You can plan daily treks through a hand guide that helps you stay for durations in valleys. You can walk little or much according to you.

It’s reviewed by one of the famous USA travelers that Kasbah Du Toubkal has the best rooftop views in North Africa. You can avail full luxury accommodation here. Toubkal includes hammams and rooftop restaurants also offering deluxe suites and luxury rooms.

Peaceful Valley Azzaden

Imlil is the trailhead village 40 miles from Marrakech. Make your Morocco tour fabulous by moving towards peace and tranquility mountain lodge present in Azzaden valley. The Valley is a beautiful location, and the lodge is offering facilities along comfortness like allowing guests to stay at Kasbah Garden House, where you can feel relax and cozy viewing the stunning Atlas mountains on the right side.

Its architectural style complements the surroundings and village with private mammals and an underfloor heating system. Luggages during the Morocco tour are supported with miles whenever required to go anywhere. Morocco tour treks start from village Imli and are where mule tracks start. During the journey, lush wind, Apple orchards, terraces, and wallet grooves can be a coll stuff to measure. Wherever you glimpse, you can see a way of ancient life, where hospitality and values are still been the same for centuries.

Desert tours Morocco

While in Morocco, there is plenty of activities to perform rather than climbing mountains that includes desert tour Marrakech or small town Merzouga. You can fulfill your dream of sleeping under the stars in Berber tents. Camel treks place in Erg Chebbi, high dunes at sunsets and sunrise. If you are headed here, you should travel UNESCO Heritage site of Benhaddou; it’s famous for its great film shooting that includes Babel, Gladiators, and The Last Temptation of Christ.


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