Morocco Sahara Desert Tours

Morocco Sahara Desert Tours

Morocco is a multicolor country with wonderful coastlands, exciting ancient cities with old buildings, the Sahara desert, and the Atlas Mountains for trekking. The Morocco Sahara desert is as big as the USA; it stretches from the Mediterranean east of the north and the Red Sea in the east, and Africa’s shore western Atlantic ocean. Morocco Sahara desert is a famous archetypal desert comprised of plates and rocky stones; such rocks change their color from orange to rosy pink, rock ditching changes shape for rippling coat dunes. 

Sahara desert tour demands hours of road journey, as you draw near to Sahara scenery will entertain you along the way. Head over Kasbahs and Valleys like Azzadan, where you can find lush date palms and fields having almond trees and orchards of hazel, animals like gifts, and wildflowers as well. Are you looking for popular date palms of Morroco Sahara? You can find date palms nestling in dunes with oases fringed within the Morocco Sahara desert tour. Here you can see Berber people, which are kind of slow pace towards their life.

Where to visit in the Sahara Desert?

Morocco has two Saharan dune systems categorized as Erg Chegaga and  Erg Chebbi; such valleys, windswept crests, and vast seas are located near Merzouga sealed road. It is 20 kilometers away from Algeria. With iconic dunes of 150meters high, it stretches north to south 50 km. Erg Chegaga has located 50km from M’Hamid west side. You can’t access such a site easily than Erg Chebbi. Camel riding can help you to get among it. Traveling here is best for people who like to travel in peace and silence.

Morocco Sahara Desert Tours
Best Morocco Sahara Desert Tours

Most trips run towards the Morocco Sahara desert region in the south of Morocco. This tour may take you to walk off major cities and tourists trail. But it is only possible if you plan your trip in an organized way. Saharawi nomads are the arid wildland with camel trains and rolling dunes, inspiring scenery, and well known for solid tradition and custom.

Exploring the Moroccan Sahara Desert 

Direct flights from Europe to Morocco can easily access the country. Visiting the Morocco Sahara desert with Tours-Morocco, be prepared for a unique and long vast road journey through riding or walk. Mostly Erg Chebbi trips head towards dunes field of Merzouga, may take a break in towns like Rissani and frontier Erfoud. It takes about 5 hours to Merzouga from Midelt’s north side.

Morocco trip organizers tend to travel Ouarzazate from Erg Chegaga, through Draa Valley comes in the middle of a tour to last stop M’Hamid where the road ends, and Sahara desert starts. All the distance counts of 260km. The easiest way for a Morocco Sahara desert tour is to join a small group of travelers due to the long distance; you don’t feel alone and will remain safe. of anyone need help, they can call their mates.

 Additionally, organize a tour of camping night for at least two days to enjoy stary stat night in the Berber tents with some crew and cook for set up and yummy dishes to serve.  Sahara desert camping gives a chance to travelers to learn about their lives in Morocco, like how they survive while around the campfire, admiring hearty dinner, and a sparkling night.

Dunes of Sahara Desert

One of the main highlights of the Morocco Sahara desert tour is climbing sand due that shines and becomes golden in the sunset. Such kind of adventurous trips become a long-term memory and remains on the bucket list for a long. It’s 100% lively to expectations and peace. 

Camel Riding in the Sahara Desert

You can perform a camel riding journey through your desert hotel near Merzouga, situated on the western edge of Erg Chebbi, where you can see giant sea dunes. The first glimpse of camel writing is overwhelming for beginners.

Frolick out in the sand and prepare four four-legged riding races. Some people who already ride a horse thinks that they can easily handle camels, but the fact is camel is different from horses. Camels are higher off the ground substantially. For riding a camel, you can sit on it while it’s lying down. As they rise quickly, you may feel the danger of losing your balance. Horses walk by moving opposite back legs and one front one at the same time. Camels have lateral gait like they move their both legs same time together. Camel riding tour makes you feel scared and uncomfortable riding a camel.


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