Morocco Tips : Everything You Need to Know Before You Go to Morocco

Are you dreaming of travelling to Morocco? This Morocco travel tips guide offers a detailed overview of absolutely everything you should know before visiting Morocco. This includes what to pack, what to wear, tipping culture, scams to look out for, and several additional tips and tricks. Morocco Tips

If you’re reading this, then there’s are good chance you have either booked your Trip to Morocco or you’re seriously considering going. Either way, you’re moving closer to an adventure of a lifetime! You’ve come to the right place to learn more and when you reserve your vacation with us, you are in good hands.

You won’t regret deciding to travel to Morocco. I know you will have a fabulous time. How do I know that? Because you’re here reading this article! You’re doing the right thing by researching and arming yourself with information. This is guide covers literally everything you need to know before visiting Morocco.

This is a very honest (and sometimes brutally honest) guide. When it comes to travel advice, we {Tours-Morocco} don’t sugar-coat it. By preparing our travellers we ensure they will have a wonderful time with expectations exceeded and no negative surprises, only positive ones.

You won’t find a more comprehensive guide out there on how to prepare for and what to expect in Morocco. I’ve literally poured all my knowledge (and then some!) into this guide because just like you, I was both excited about going to Morocco but also very anxious and probably a bit paranoid too.

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Why You Should Go to Morocco ?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with many of the dozens of reasons to visit Morocco, including the culture, sights, sounds, tastes, shopping, and sightseeing. One of the more unknown reasons Morocco is such a great place to visit is its varied geography! Morocco doesn’t just have rugged coastline, fascinating cities, tranquil beaches and sweeping expanses of desert. It also has two major mountain ranges, the Rif Mountains in the north and the Atlas Mountains stretching through the middle of the country.

Is Morocco safe for solo female travellers?

Statistically, Morocco is a very safe country. Moroccans are, by and large, very friendly and welcoming to travelers. Most people you meet will do anything to show you the best side of their nation. Solo female travelers often enjoy working with our guides for evening excursions. When exploring solo, use good common sense for international travel by avoiding going to nightclubs and walking alone if the streets are dark and not well populated.

When Should You Go to Morocco?

Morocco is a year-round vacation destination. Many people believe the best time to visit Morocco is from September through to May. The summer months can be particularly hot, especially towards the south of Morocco, but welcoming patios await during the summer heat and you are never far from your next café filled with cool and sweat treats for an afternoon reprieve. 


The Moroccan Dirham (DEE-rahm) is estimated at roughly 9.6 Dirhams (DH) per 1 USD or 10 per 1 euro. We recommend each person exchange 100 euros per day. Many of the more established shops will take a credit card, but most smaller markets, street vendors, and cabs will not. We can help you hit the ground running, ready with local currency while avoiding high transfer fees.

Morocco tipping culture

Morocco tipping culture : A great word to add your vocabulary is “Tadwiera,” which means “tip.” You’ll hear this word often and it will be expected for anything and everything. Tipping locals for their services is expected and a way of life in Morocco. Have some change ready for tips. A good general rule of thumb is 5 DH at a local place and 10-20 DH at nicer places.


When you start shopping, first think about the item. Large purchases like a rug, lighting fixtures, or authentic jewelry have a high mark-up rate. Smaller items like baskets, clothing, or leather goods have a lower markup. Bargain accordingly and while you should never pay the first price given, remember its more fun to have a positive experience than to haggle and debate over prices down to the last DH.  Other tips include: Never act too interested in something and always pay in cash.


When you’re walking through the markets, be careful when taking photos of people and shops. Unless you are purchasing something, they may get angry at you and even demand money for the photos. Remember it’s good to first establish a price before taking a photo.


Although most Moroccans are Muslims, yes, drugs and alcohol do exist in Morocco. Hashish, an extract of the cannabis plant, is sometimes offered to tourists in the streets. Alcohol is found for sale in some restaurants and bars. It is important to keep in mind local laws and abide by them carefully for the safest and most pleasurable travel experience.


Keep in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country. You can expect most shops and attractions to close on Friday since it’s their holy day. Pay attention to the holidays as well. In doing so, you can plan your days to be sure the places you wish to visit are open.