Morocco Travel Restrictions

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Morocco travel restrictions : Internationally, flights to Morocco resumed on 15 June 2021. However, travellers can enter Moroccan territory based on necessary conditions if they have negative PCR reports 48 hours before trying or have a vaccination certificate. Do you know Morocco achieves the highest COVID-19 Vaccination rate as compare to all over the Africa?

Basic steps to follow before entering Morocco 

Several conditions should be followed by the government of Morocco that allows travellers to Tour Morocco quickly:

Morocco’s government categorizes travellers into two groups A and B. Travellers A must have a variation certificate or pass to visit Morocco without restrictions. People who are not fully vaccinated or entirely vaccinated again Covid should have adverse PCR reports from the last 48 hours. Authorized vaccines of Morocco  Sinovac, Jannsen, Covishield, Sputnik, Astra Zeneca, And Sinopharm.

Travellers from list B are further classified into two subgroups. Travellers with vaccination certificates or vaccinated travellers are accepted in Morocco in one case if they are vaccinated with vaccines accepted in Morocco. Hence, they are exempt from quarantine, and in the case of certifications, people must be present with adverse PCR reports less than 48 hours of date. 

Citizens s themselves must have five days of isolation at home with a screening test on the 5th day ( PCR). Children under 12 years are free from PCR screening.

However, the traveller from list B transit country after completing ten days of isolation. If the same person has an isolation of more than ten days then, it won’t need isolation in Morocco as well. 

Morocco Travel Restrictions
Morocco Travel Restrictions From Us

Access of Countries to Morocco

According to the scientific committee of the health minister, the following studies are established to evaluate the situation of every country—the list of A categories all countries that can easily access Morocco without Morocco travel restrictions. The B list includes countries excluded from the first list. As the evolving process of gradually opening borders, this list gets updated every week and published with new regulations according to the situation. 

Restrictions for Nearby Borders

Due to the sanitary conditioner, the Marhaba operation takes place from maritime transit points that are Sete and Marseille in France and Genoa in Italy. Travel will undergo another test to ensure sanitary safety for them and other passengers and PCR test before the board. 

Sanitary Measure and Covid 19 Health Situation of Morocco

Morocco’s health situation is stable since the beginning of Covid 19 with a lower number of cases. Morocco ensures sanitary or health measures be respected recommended by WHO World Health Organization for safety and health. 

Here are few health measures that should be followed by citizens and travellers for your security and safety of others are:

  • Use hydro alcoholic solution or soap to wash your hands for 20 seconds minimum.
  • Sneeze or cough into a handker-chief or your elbow; dispose of the handkerchief immediately into the trash after sneezing or coughing.
  • Maintain a social distance of 1.5 m with another person
  • Must wear the mask, take sanitizer with you and wear gloves to avoid touching stuff.
  • Avoid kisses, hugs, and hand gestures
  • When going out, take all precautions
This image is about The World Health Organization announces travel restrictions for Morocco due to the Coronavirus.
Morocco Travel Restrictions Updates

Whether hospital centers are taking good care of infected people, you should remain active because It’s a life-taking disease. So safe yourself as well as others. 

Several hospital centers have been deployed to take care of the infected people and to remain 

Some Important Tips While Staying in Morocco 

During a stay in Morocco, protect yourself and others by adopting barrier gestures. When you arrive in Morocco, you will get valuable numbers during your stay, like advice, emergency, security, and assistance. It’s given to both travellers as well as citizens.

Embassies and consulates of Morocco help you find any information or on-request documents. You can get any benefits or info from their consular services. Still, Morocco is guaranteed an excellent tour with some adopted measures.

Cafe and Restaurants Measures

You can enjoy meal and roaming with respecting the rules and regulations against Covid. You must always wear your mask where ever you go. Use the sanitizer after every interval, like opening doors of the entrance of cafes or restaurants. For food to gulp, you must be screened through a temperature checking machine and disinfect your hands. For safety exit and entry, routes remain separate. 


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